copy of SAKURA 2017® Thé vert fleurs de cerisier Mariage Frères



Milk Chocolate 41.4% (sugar 42.9%, cocoa mass 34.1%, whole Milk powder 22.5%, emulsifier: non-GMO soy lecithin <1%, natural vanilla flavor <1%), Unsweetened Milk Concentrate 26. 4% (Whole Milk, sTabilisers (sodium phosphate, carrageenans), (8%), malted wheat flour, caramelised sugar syrup, raising agent: sodium carbonate, diphosphate, sugar, salt, rapeseed oil, flavouring, preservative: sorbic acid, spice mix including cinnamon), sugar (glucose)1.6%, four spices 0.11% (nutmeg, clove, ginger, cinnamon). Possible presence of gluten, peanut, egg, nuts, sesame.

Gluten : Traces, Eggs : Presence, Milk : Presence, Peanuts : Presence, Soy : Presence, Nuts : Presence, Sesame : Presence