Will my chocolates arrive in perfect shape?

We take great care with our packaging. Our most fragile chocolate are never shipped (such as caramel filled candies). Furthermore, each chocolate is put in a way that will not interfere with the neighboring chocolates. We protect the whole box with bubble wrap. During the summer months, in order to preserve a constant temperature, an icepack is added to each shipment. However, we do not control the quality of the transport itself and decline all responsibilities. We ship in France and Europe through Chronopost with tracking. Our packaging is made to ensure your chocolates travel under the best condition and arrive to their destination unaltered. We can, if you wish, insert your own personalized message with each gift. For a more refine touch, all of our gift boxes are shipped in an ”organdi” pouch.

How can pay for my order?

You can use a credit card, bank card, carte bleu, or directly on our website with a Paypal personal account. Bank wire transfer is also possible. Please call us on +33(0)4 42 63 39 53 in order to get our bank account details. You can also write us an email : webmaster@puyricard.com.

Is my bank card payment safe?

Credit card payment processed on www.puyricard.com are completely safe and secure. Chocolaterie de Puyricard never has access to your credit card number since all transactions are directly held on bank online servers, wich means your card number is never kept on file.

Is my personnal information kept confidential?

Your personnal information is kept in our own database. We never give or sell our database to anyone. You can change any of your personal information at anytime through the “your account” tab. A single email to our webmaster will allow you to stop receiving information from us. In agreement with computer, files and freedom French law dated January 6th 1978, you have the right to access, modify, change and delete all and any information about yourself. The site is under a CNIL declaration #171 936 9 V 0.

Can I personalize the content of my gift box?

Our gift boxes contain an assortment of our best chocolates. You can however specify your wishes in the “message to order preparer” box. We can, if you wish, insert your own personalized message with each gift. For a more refine touch, all of our gift boxes are shipped in an ”organdi” pouch.

Why doesn’t Chocolaterie de Puyricard have any white chocolate candies?

We think of chocolate as a noble product. For us, white chocolate is not considered as chocolate. What we call white chocolate is actually the fat part (and only the fat part) of chocolate, cocoa butter, with added sugar. Cocoa, which gives its taste and color to chocolate, has actually been removed. This is why we do not consider white chocolate as chocolate and do not offer white chocolate candies.

How can I order?

You can order Chocolaterie de Puyricard or on the phone: +33(0)4 42 63 39 53. Delivery time is the same no matter the way you choose to place your order. You can also write us an email : webmaster@puyricard.com

How long will it take to receive my package from the day I place my order?

You will receive your order within a week at best. Remember that we do not stock chocolate and each box is made to order. Your order triggers the fabrication of chocolates which represents 3 days of work and then the packaging. The ultra fresh nature of our product does not allow us to offer an immediate delivery.

Is delivery time longer around the Christmas Season?

Delivery time depends upon the amount of order we receive. It is preferable to order as soon as possible since you can give a later delivery date to your order.

Do you ship worldwide?

We cannot ship to the US or Canada because of their custom requirements. You can access the list of countries we ship to while creating your account.

Can I order during the hot summer months?

We ship year round, thanks to a specific packaging. However, we may stop shipping during a heatwave.

Can I get an invoice?

The invoice of your online order is automatically sent to you by email as soon as your order is completed with a successful payment.

Is it possible to have the contact details of your press contact ?

Laurène ROUSSEL : - communication@puyricard.fr

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