Angers Centre-ville
Angers Le Chalet
Angers Port Meslet
Angers Saint-Serge
Angers Le Mare
Angers Belle-Beille
Angers La Chênaie
Angers Lac de Maine
Angers Les Tranchandières
Angers La Papillaie
Angers Guinefolle
Angers Les Perrins
Angers Deux Croix-Banchais
Angers Monplaisir
Angers Les Claveries
Angers Saint-Barthélemy-d'Anjou
Angers Les Rafoux
Angers La Plesse
Le Mans
La Flèche
Le Lion-d'Angers
Baugé en Anjou
Le Mans

Place your order online and get your Puyricard's chocolates delivered in Angers and its surroundings in less than 48 hours !

Founded in 1967 in Provence, the Chocolaterie de Puyricard cultivates a passion for fine and fresh chocolate. Our master chocolatiers prepare succulent delicacies every day without additives or negative cold storage.
The Chocolaterie de Puyricard offers fresh chocolates with a short use-by date, in order to offer a gourmet tasting experience with preserved flavours.

Treat your taste buds right and enjoy our products in the Northern France !

Angers, full of art and history, walking by the streets or going to the Castel is just the translation of how rich this city can be! Angers is just atypical! In the city center you can find old and classic buildings, and in the other side the modernism and particular buildings in the Haussmann style. This city is like us, classic recipes and also, modern ones that will make you travel to the land of the gustatory experience. The Chocolaterie de Puyricard is the key to enjoy chocolates and confectionaries anywhere in France.

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