Strasbourg centre
Strasbourg Cronenbourg
Strasbourg Elsau
Strasbourg Esplanade
Strasbourg Bourse
Strasbourg Krutenau
Strasbourg Gare
Strasbourg Hautepierre
Strasbourg Poteries
Strasbourg Koenigshoffen
Strasbourg Meinau
Strasbourg Plaine des Bouchers
Strasbourg Montagne Verte
Strasbourg Neudorf
Strasbourg Musau
Strasbourg Port du Rhin Nord
Strasbourg Ile aux Epis
Strasbourg Neuhof
Strasbourg Polygone
Strasbourg Stockfeld
Strasbourg Port du Rhin Sud
Strasbourg Orangerie
Strasbourg Robertsau
Strasbourg Wacken

Just imagine you eating sweeties in front of the Rhine, emblem of this European Capital !

Its Timber Framings, the Germanic influence, the edges of the Rhine, Strasbourg is rich on history and till today keeps it place as one of the most important European capitals. The city center who is surrounded by water, the one that in Christmas gets away with the guilty pleasures we like to share with you... Those treasures that you are able to find at our website, Chocolaterie de Puyricard. Where it will be possible to enjoy any confectionery and chocolates made by French and Belgian Chocolate Master Chefs! 

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