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Founded in 1967 on higher groud of Aix-en-Provence, our provencal chocolate factory cultivates the passion for chocolate through two essential factors, family and craftmade products.  Puyricard's expertise, based on chocolate master chefs knowledge from the chocolate itself to the confectionaries that are prepared with love every day. And there is not the only reason why our products are that high quality, but our raw material are previously selected, and we include the best cacao beans of the world. Far from industrial processes, our craft house also refuses any conservation by negative cold, as well as the use of all preservatives, the tasting must remain a unforgettable moment of pleasure.
Treat someone or yourself right and enjoy a delicious moment full of chocolate in all of its forms, ballotins, boxes o bars! We deliver all over the French country and abroad.
Our delivery process is as qualified as any of our products, you can count on a fast and free* delivery option, because you can get your order in less than 48h, and even better because on summer your chocolates will be protected with gel packs to maintain the freshness and the quality of our delicate chocolates. *Orders over 80eu.

The city of lemon(ade), Menton is waiting for some chocolates!

Menton, the last city of the Côte d'Azur, just before Italy you will enjoy the lemon and the delicate taste for limoncello! In the streets you can feel how was the old Riviera before its evolution with its colors and the sunlights in the summer days... But there's not only beautiful streets and the smells of lemon peels, because with Puyricard House of Chocolate you can enjoy the best chocolates made by hand and heart in just one click! For the loved ones that live in Monte Carlo, or those who are near San Remo, the delivery will be as fast as if you come to our boutiques in the beautiful Nice, come and try the taste of the craft made products of Provence!

Let's talk about your dream!

Making good products is important, but even more when you are pleased by our services! Don't be shy and share with us the experience of  your delivery and the taste of our little pieces of gold, just as Marmiton did.

Craft made chocolate in the luxury world...

From vodka and revisited ganache to the Soho and the taste of a Japanese garden, the Chocolaterie of Puyricard came to make you enjoy the taste of the best cocoa beans. Here you could find traditional products of Provence, all free of preservatives nor additives, so you can experience the real taste of the cocoa beans...


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