Our job

If the tasting of a luxury chocolate is a real journey for the senses, the company CHOCOLATERIE DE PUYRICARD could be like a travel agency... for the taste buds!

In a way, CHOCOLATERIE DE PUYRICARD will transport you to countries with chocolates of a thousand flavours, handcrafted from the best cocoa beans in the world selected in many countries.

In just a few clicks, visit for example Peru, Ghana or Papua New Guinea, by ordering on our website cocoa chocolates from these fantastic destinations!

The company

La CHOCOLATERIE DE PUYRICARD is the exclusive distributor on the Internet of chocolates, calissons, marrons glacés, marshmallows and other luxury sweets made by the chocolate factory of Puyricard, Master craftsman chocolatier in Provence since 1967! 
Passionate about the world of chocolate and the Internet, the teams at CHOCOLATERIE DE PUYRICARD work tirelessly to offer these excellent products for sale online, and to guarantee the same level of customer satisfaction!

Customer Service

Eager to bring you complete satisfaction, the CHOCOLATERIE DE PUYRICARD teams are at your disposal to answer your requests. For any question relating to the chocolates and confectionery sold on our site, or for any question concerning your order, we invite you to consult our FAQ. You can also contact us by email by writing to web@puyricard.fr.

Fresh products

The Chocolaterie de PUYRICARD refuses to use negative cold preservation (freezing). We favour tradition and fresh products to preserve all the aromas and thus optimize the taste of our finished products.
Driven by this desire to offer exceptional chocolates, we regularly select and control the ingredients used in the composition of our products with rigour. At Puyricard, we use butter from the Charentes, fresh cream from Alsace, vanilla bean from Tahiti, hazelnuts from Piedmont, almonds from Provence or cinnamon from Ceylon... 
All these products are natural and carefully selected for their organoleptic qualities but also for their health safety (microbial and bacteriological cleanliness, "red label" products or products from sustainable agriculture, exclusion of modified vegetable oils...) in order to be part of a healthy lifestyle. 
The use of chemical preservatives or synthetic flavorings is, in this logic, completely ruled out. For your information, the chocolates you buy on www.puyricard.fr can be kept for 3 weeks