Our Pure Origin Chocolate Bars Collection

Our Pure Origin Chocolate Bars Collection

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Pure Origin Chocolate bars

Each of these chocolate bars, Les « Pure Origine » (aka « PO » for the fans), features cocoa beans from a specific country.

The concept

Tanguy Roelandts, our CEO and Master Chocolatier, frequently visits cocoa producing countries in order to identify and select the cocoa beans he likes to produce these chocolate bars.

That is why each "Pure Origin" has its own distinctive aromatic characteristics. This is a way for us to share our passion for chocolate with our clients and to talk about the geography of cocoa production.

This is a topic we also dwelve into during the visits of the factory, because we enjoy sharing our knowledge about chocolate.

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The design of our chocolate bars

Our philosophy of chocolate is definitely epicurean : it has to be a source of great pleasure! This is why the taste, but also the design matter to us. We have designed each of our bars with a specific drawing, depending on the country of origin. The molding represents the shape of the country, with our logo and the cocoa pod that contains the beans.

The bars are particularly thin in order to enhance the tasting experience, but it also gives the a very elegant style.

Last but not least, the chocolate bars are hand wrapped with a beautiful silver paper, and a colorful blister that has also been designed to represent the country.

The tasting

Our Pure Origin bars are tasting bars. Thanks to them, those who are passionate or curious about chocolate can discover all the variety of flavors that cocoa beans can express. Beyond the country, many things have an influence on the taste of cocoa, just like in wine making.

The climate

The exact location in the country where the cocoa tree grows, and specifically the kind of weather and the ground qualities of this location, will all have an impact on the flavor of the beans.

The variety of beans

Just like the types of grape have different flavors, the cocoa beans also have different flavors. And just like a winemaker can imagine the wine he will get by tasting the grape, Tanguy Roelandts visits cocoa plantations and tastes the beans in order to imagine the kind of chocolate bars he could get from them.

Fermentation and roasting

Those two steps also play a role in the final aromas the chocolate will express.

The percentage of cocoa

Our chocolate bars range from 38% for our Tanzanie milk chocolate to 100% for our Sambirano (Madagascar) dark chocolate bar. A great option for those who have to be careful about their daily sugar intake!
Contrary to what one might think, the percentage of cocoa has nothing to do with the intensity of the chocolate. It's actually when the chocolate has a percentage of 60 to 70% of cocoa, that it will best express all the distinctive aromatic characteristics of the bean.

A chocolate with 63% cocoa may very well have a much "stronger" intensity than one with 75% for exemple.

The collection

Our collection of Pure Origin bars is always expanding.

You can see them all in this table on our website along with their various flavors and other indications.

For the first time in 2019, we created a « Limited Collection » of Pure Origin bars : Exclusive and numbered, those bars had been realised with cocoa beans from Cuba, which is pretty rare !

Since you enjoyed this limited edition, we worked on a new one in 2020, with a very rare kind of cocoa beans from the french Island: La Réunion. The climate on the island (lots of wind) makes it really difficult for this particularly fragile species of cocoa to be cultivated. We were very lucky to be able to make these Pure Origin chocolate bars.
The only thing left for you to do: Enjoy a world tour of our tablets with our Pure Origin Google Map, or sign up for a subscription to reveive each month one of our chocolate bars !


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