Little Lion Bag

61,70 €

These varied flavours will charm your children to start the new school year!


Enjoy a back-to-school season in a good mood with the Little Lion Tote Bag

Back to School Collection

Magnificent wilderness lion bag, filled with gourmet specialties :


Milk lion backpack : Marshmallow ruler, Lou poutounet au lait 42g, Animal lollipop au lait 20g, Black heart lollipop and Puyricard milk lollipop 110g


Black Lion Backpack : Marshmallow ruler, Black Lou poutounet 42g, Black animal lollipop 20g, Milk heart lollipop and Black Puyricard bar 110g


DLUO: Tablet : 6 to 12 months, Lollipop: 6 months to 12 months, Lou poutounet: 2 months, Marshmallows: 3 weeks

    Reference: DIV200101

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