Dragees and other wedding favours for a wedding in Provence

Dragees and other wedding favours for a wedding in Provence

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Dragees and other sweet favours for a wedding or christening in Provence


When you want your event to be a special day, every detail matters ! At the chocolaterie de Puyricard, established in provence since 1967, you can find a variety of dragees, or discover other treats to add a touch of originality to your event. 

With us, you can rest assured that the products you choose are handmade in provence according to very strict quality specifications. 

mini ballotins


1-  Our traditionnal white dragees
We offer 3 ranges of quality almond dragees. The quality depends on the type of sugar and the thickness of the coating: what we look for in a dragee is a thin coating that will bring out the flavors of the almond, and make for the most exquisite taste.

Try our  Vendôme dragees for a good quality at the right price
Choose our Trianon dragees for a superior quality
Enjoy the exceptional quality of our Versailles dragees


2- Our new chocolate and caramel dragees
New this summer ! Traditionnal but with a little something different, these dragees will bring a touch of modernity tou your event.
White dragee with a chocolate heart
A 70 % cocoa chocolate heart with a light coat of sugar. This dragee offers both a crisp and smooth feeling that you guests will remember !
Caramel dragee
Melting toffy coated with crunchy chocolate and crispy sugar: an explosion of flavors !

Fun fact: Dragees first appeared in France during the crusades era. It was a gift for kings and the aristocracy only. 

dragées caramel chocolat

3- Calissons
A taste of Provenc efor your guests ! If your event takes place in provence or if you are just fond of Calissons, our hand made calissons will amaze your guests. This tasty mix of almonds, candied melon and candied oranges, is a true symbol of our region.


4- Amandas and avelinas
These almonds and hazelnuts coated with chocolate come in a wide range of varieties and look like the traditionnal dragees. A nice alternative for a more original treat.  
Almonds or Hazelnuts:
Coated with milk chocolate
Coated with dark chocolate
Coated with Gianduja

Coated with Gianduja and powdered sugar
Coated with Gianduja and powdered cocoa


All of our treats can be bought in bulk or presented in our lovely "mini ballotins" for your guests on D day ! 
Please get in touch with us in our shops, on our website or by phone if yuo need more information or if you wish to order.
One thing less to do for D-Day ! Which ones are you going to pick ?

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