Rhum & Gourmet

78,00 €

Benefit of your greedy cravings and treat yourself right with our best products! Made out in the South of France, a luxury passion fruit arranged rhum with a box full of chocolates and confectionaries! 

In this pack you'll find: 

A bottle of passion fruit arranged rhum, made by les Rhums du Sud

A box of 5 rulerboxes, full of chocolates and confectionaries :

One chocolate coated almond and hazelnut rulerbox 100g

One Calisson rulerbox 120g

One Marshmallow rulerbox 55g

One Palets d'Or chocolate rulerbox 90g

One Orangette and Citronnettes rulerbox 100g

    Reference: RHUMREG

    Indicated shipping date 10/19/2018