Mother's Day Chocolate Furoshiki Box Set

41,80 €

Go straight to the heart by offering this delicate Mother's Day 2020 box, filled with assorted Puyricard chocolates.

This Furoshiki box will make your mothers travel to the land of the rising sun.

Furoshiki is a fabric in Japan designed to protect valuables, to take the necessary belongings or to pack clothes at the public baths. Before being associated with the latter, furoshiki was called hirazutsumi ("flat pack").


It becomes the symbol of the mottainai, a Japanese concept which consists in the rejection of waste (plastic bag).


Mother's Day box in a very limited edition, containing 160g of assorted dark and milk chocolates.

Box containing 16 chocolates.



MDD of fresh chocolates : 2 to 3 weeks

    Reference: BOIT16CHFDMSAKURA

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