Peach rum, dry biscuits 200g and clementine jam

32,10 €

To enhance your summer moments....


Made in the Puyricard workshops according to homemade recipes, these dry biscuits will perfectly accompany organic clementine jam. They can be enjoyed with this peach rum from the vines, apricot, basil to bring you another dimension!

An exceptional pack containing: 

A 50cl bottle of Reunion Island rum, arranged for fishing for vines - apricot - basil made in the Provençal workshops Les Rhums du Sud. 

A 200g bag of biscuits made in our workshop: Crunchy hazelnuts, chocolate, almonds, almond shortbread, Navettes and lemon thyme biscuits. 

A 60% organic Corsican clementine jam, served with lemon juice and fruit pectin.

    Reference: LOTWEB2019/7