Africa Tablet Pack

34,00 €

Why choose? Order all of our 4 bars of Pure Origin chocolate from Africa and discover the exotic flavours of exceptional cocoa beans.

Set of 4 Pure Origin chocolate bars made and packaged by hand in our Provencal workshops. The origins are as follows:


- Ghana: dark chocolate 72.5% cocoa. Aromas of roasted hazelnuts, candied black cherry and brandy, this great chocolate releases intense flavours marvellously combining cocoa and sweetness.

- Madagascar: dark chocolate 64% cocoa. Fresh and sour couverture, releasing acidulous notes of red fruits and dried fruits that express the varietal aromas of this atypical Trinitario from Madagascar.

- Cameroon: dark chocolate, 64% cocoa. This chocolate is distinguished by its intensity of African cocoa spiced up by wild pepper that prolongs the length in the mouth with woody and fruity notes.

-Madagascar milk: 51% cocoa, moulded and packaged by hand. Aromas with notes of red fruits and milk. Soft and round character, pleasant acidity.