Pure Origin mini chocolate bars

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You must be courageous to come and discover the orgines of the cocoa bean...

Exceptional tastes that will come to enchant your taste buds through the delicious creations made in Provence...

From our high quality rage of chocolates, chose one:


- Ghana : mini 15g bar of 72,5% cocoa dark chocolate. Roasted hazelnuts, candy black cherries and cherry brandy, this chocolate reveals intense aromas perfectly combining with cocoa and sweetness.

- Madagascar : mini 15g bar of 64% cocoa dark chocolate Dark chocolate made from fresh and acidic couverture. Its astringent notes of red fruits and nuts bring out all the varietal aromas of this atypical Madagascan Trinitario.

- Trinidad & Tobago : mini 15g bar of gourmet milk chocolate has a cocoa content of 42%, making it a quite exceptional chocolate. Its low sugar content means that the Pure Origine Trinidad and Tobago chocolate bar can release the powerful taste of the cocoa, along with some creamy notes.

- Brésil : mini 15g bar of 62% cocoa darkchocolate. This chocolate distinguish by an exceptional melting, providing great finesse and freshness in taste. Associate to the charm of the fruit with woody, peppery and roasted aromas, this chocolate suggests an aftertaste light bitterness and black tea notes.

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