Box "Gourmet Letter"

90,00 €

As a mail letter, make us deliver your box of chocolates every month, directly on your mail box, or if you want to share, in the mail box of the person you have the please to surprise! 

It could  be a 3, 6 months or 1 year subscription, take what is more convennient for you! Free shipment in France Métropolitaine in followed letter by the Poste. 

You will get to know our finest dark and milk chocolates in a beautiful 200g box  that will arrive as fast as a mail letter. 

Offer or receive the first shipment whenever you want (you would be able to choose in the payment process), we will ship the other boxes +/- in the same date the rest of the months (out of sundays and holidays). 

The only exception is on Juliet and August due to the weather. 

The 1 year engagement include 10 boxes. 

    Reference: BOIT1709Z

    Online only

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