Sublimate your greedy moments with our range of delicatessen products, selected with a requirement of quality to the height of our charter: Mariage frères teas, arranged rums made in Provence, and our own artisanal ice creams.

  • Test allergène EP: Eggs
  • Test allergène EP: Nuts
  • Test allergène EP: Peanuts
  • Test allergène EP: Soy

Best Sellers

Delicious Tea Time Combo

Try both of the best products in the world! Tea from Mariage Frères House of tea with...
Cinnamon stick

Put yourself in the shoes of the greatest pastry chefs and create your homemade treats...
Almonds in bags

Do you want to get into the pastry business? Don't wait any longer and put on your...
Peeled almonds in bags

Make the most beautiful pastries with our 100% natural peeled almonds, Create your...
Cocoa butter in sachet

Cocoa butter is a vegetable fat resulting from the pressing of cocoa beans. It is a...
Brazilian in a bag

Unveil your pastry talents by concocting various delicacies made with Brazilian baked...
Grated coconut in a bag

For fresh and exotic desserts, our delicately rapped coconut will be ideal! Custard,...
Feuillantine in sachet

Give crispness to your greedy preparations with our feuillantines. Often prepared...
Sesame in sachet

Add sesame seeds to your preparations to give a finely crunchy side to your treats!...